Our Favorite Breed – Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois was a fairly unknown breed until the movie Max hit theatres. Ever since then shelters have been receiving more and more Belgian Malinois puppies and adults.

If the movie made them look so great, why are so many ending up in shelters?

The first thing you need to understand about a malinois is that they are working dogs. They need a purpose and they need LOTS of attention, time, and training. If you can’t dedicate 4+ hours a day to your dog while he is a puppy, do not consider getting a malinois.

The next thing to know that these dogs BITE. Even has puppies they will bite you, your furniture, clothes, and yes, even children. They are often nicknames “maligators” because of how much they bite and chew. The important thing to realize is that they do not bite out of aggression while a puppy, but because they are working dogs that are teething.

Police and military often choose this breed of dog because it loves to bite, it takes very little coaxing to get them to bit something.

This may sound bad, but we love this breed due to how smart, trainable, and hard working they are. If you have a job that needs doing, this breed will not stop until it is done. No matter how tired this dog may get, it will not stop until you tell it to stop.

We definitely recommend this breed to anyone who has ample time and the will to train it, we love them.