Why Is My Dog Eating Their Own Poop?

One of the most common reasons for puppies and adopted dogs being returned to a shelter is because of their poop eating behavior.

Most owners get grossed out and give up after a few attempts to stop their dog from eating their own feces. It’s understandable that this behavior appears disgusting to humans, but to dogs it means something else entirely.

For adult moms who have just had babies, they will often eat poop in the yard and living area to help keep the area clean for her pups. Likewise, puppies will often participate in this behavior for the same reasons.

Another common cause of┬ácoprophagy(dog eating it’s own poop) is malabsorption, indigestion, or extreme hunger from your dog. Oftentimes if they are not digesting their food properly, they will smell remnants of it in their feces.

This is extremely enticing to your dog, as to them it smells like they are missing out on a good meal.

It’s important to try and correct this behavior while the dog is still a puppy, as they often will not grow out of it if they are still doing it after they are past 1 year old.

Some solutions include cleaning up the feces immediately, and adding commercial product to your pets food which makes it unappealing to them.